Here's a short list of my most lovely amigas. My Super Three best friends.

Amanda B "Babs"
Hmm....what can I say you are the sensitive poet. But then again you are also the only one of us that can put anything well written in your blog. You also have to be the one on the most sugar highs....so you are a complex one.

Amanda J "Sassy Pigeon"
The leader of us and the other leo. GRRR!!! At least I'm your left hand woman. What if I was a man?.... contemplates the situation ... dude I'd have chesthair. EWW! Back on track I can always count on your brutal honesty to make my head unswell.

Christine "Deagol"
Ha ha. You make me look even more stupid than I already am. With your obviously superior intelligence and your hyper dog Hannah you can rule your local market.

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